2-Collaborative-3Complimentary Couples Consultation. We believe in the benefits of alternative dispute resolution so much so that we will meet with you together at no charge to explain your respectful and thoughtful divorce options in simple language. We will discuss the mediation process, the Collaboration process and the litigation process, explaining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of each approach so you and your spouse can make a mindful decision about how to proceed with your restructuring of your family. If you choose mediation, we will describe the mediation process in detail and begin the mediation process during our complimentary consultation. Together we review the profiles, experience and credentials of the mediation professionals and collaborative attorneys.

Once you agree on your selection of professionals, we arrange for a video-conference to introduce ourselves and to schedule all of the meetings we believe you will need to complete the divorce mediation process. We calendar three meetings with the financial mediator, three meetings with the family mediator and a final meeting with everyone together including the collaborative attorney to address child and spousal support and to resolve all remaining issues.

Want to Know More about the Financial Mediation?

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