2-Mediation-1Unless you do it yourself, divorce mediation is the least expensive of your divorce options and takes the least time. But you both must be comfortable openly discussing your marital issues face-to-face and you both must want to separate respectfully and thoughtfully for mediation to be effective. In our integrative mediation approach, a neutral financial mediator will document and value your marital and separate property and debt and help you identify and communicate with each other what preferences you have in the division of your marital property and debt. And, during the same period the you are meeting with the financial mediator, a neutral divorce coach trained in the mental health professional will meet with you and your spouse separately and together to help you articulate your personal values and clarify the goals you want reflected in the divorce settlement. And, if you have children, the divorce coach will help you create a foundation for co-parenting that will enable you to act in your and your children’s best interest.

Once you both have reached substantial agreement on your division of assets and debt and your parenting plan, you meet with a single Collaboratively-trained attorney who will answer your questions about what the law says and doesn’t say. Once done, we will all meet together in usually one meeting to review your agreement and clarify any outstanding issues in your preferred property division and your co-parenting plan and to help you negotiate a comprehensive child and/or spousal support agreement that assures your future well-being and that of your post-divorce family. Once done, the Collaboratively-trained attorney will complete the documentation of the mediated agreement and disclosures in the form required by the court and navigate you through the court system.

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