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Divorcing couple coming to agreement in a settlement conference

Settlement Conferences. Some litigating attorneys like to schedule one settlement conference that lasts as long as is needed and others prefer a series of shorter settlement conferences to review together the financial mediator’s preliminary report and the coach’s preliminary parenting plan and to resolve any and all of the outstanding issues relating to the parenting plan, asset and debt division, child support and spousal support. The neutral coach is able to facilitate the settlement conference during which the financial mediator will take the first few hours to discuss each of your marital and separate property and debt, to answer any questions that you or your attorneys may have and to resolve any remaining issues so that you come to final agreement on the division of your property and debt and any equalization payment that may be needed. That resolved, the neutral coach may take the next few hours to talk about any outstanding parenting plan issues prior to the attorneys addressing and then negotiating with the support of the financial mediator a comprehensive child support and spousal support agreement.

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