financial-neutralNeutral Financial Mediator Meetings. The neutral financial mediator is able to meet with you and your spouse together and separately to document and value your marital and separate assets and debt. If you own real estate, an independent outside appraiser will be engaged unless you have had a recent appraisal. If you own a business, the financial mediator, who is also a trained small business valuation analyst, will explain to you how businesses are valued and then guide you to an agreement on a reasonable value range for your particular business. The financial mediator will also ask you how you each would prefer to divide your other property and debt and, if you both agree, will tentatively allocate a particular asset or debt to the one who prefers to have it pending review by your litigating attorneys in the final settlement conferences. If you disagree on who gets what particular property or debt, the financial mediator will explore your differences and, if still unresolved, place the division of that particular property or debt on the agenda of our first settlement conference.

The neutral financial mediator is able to also help you each develop a post-divorce financial plan so that, in the settlement conferences, you will each be able to see how any agreements you do make about division of property and debt and about child and spousal support will impact your financial futures. The financial mediator is also able to document each of your past, current and prospective incomes and help you estimate your realistic individual expenses over the foreseeable future. In the settlement conferences, you each will be able to see your future expected after-tax net cash flow and changes in your net worth to reduce financial surprises on down the road.

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