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Collaborative 6-way Meetings. Expect at least two and perhaps three 6-way meetings to review your preliminary financial and parenting plan agreements, to resolve any and all outstanding issues related to your parenting plan and property and debt division and to negotiate a comprehensive child support and spousal support agreement. The neutral coach is the facilitator during the 6-way meetings that you will attend with your Collaborative attorneys and the financial mediator. In the first 6-way meeting the financial mediator will usually take the first hour to discuss each of your marital and separate assets and debts and to answer any questions that you or your attorneys may have. In the second hour of the first 6-way meeting we resolve any remaining issues and come to a final agreement on the division of your property and debt and any equalization payment that may be needed.

In the second 6-way meeting the neutral coach talks about any outstanding parenting plan issues prior to our addressing the issues of child support and spousal support. The neutral financial mediator will review for the group your estimated future income and expenses and your expected future cash availability and need. The financial mediator may visually project against a wall the financial results of “what happens if we change this” analyses based on various child and spousal support scenarios until you and your spouse with the help of your attorneys reach a comprehensive agreement.

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