If one of you distrusts the other or if one or both of you experience difficult emotions or if you both are just more comfortable with your own attorney to counsel with you and advocate for you if needed, then the Collaborative divorce process is a safer container for your legal, financial and emotional separation. In an atmosphere of privacy, respect and transparency, a neutral financial mediator will document and value your marital and separate property and debt and help you identify and communicate to each other what preferences you have with respect to the division of your marital property and debt. During the same period the you are meeting with the financial mediator, a neutral divorce coach trained as a mental health professional will meet with you and your spouse separately and together to help you articulate your personal values and clarify the goals you want reflected in the divorce settlement. And, if you have children, the divorce coach will help you create a foundation for co-parenting that will enable you to act in your children’s best interest. The cost of a Collaborative divorce is more than a mediated divorce and takes longer but costs less and takes less time than a litigated divorce.

Once you have come to substantial financial and co-parenting agreement, we will all come together in a series of usually two meetings to resolve, with the help of your Collaborative divorce attorneys, any open issues in your co-parenting plan and your preferred property division and to help you negotiate a comprehensive child and/or spousal support agreement that assures your future well-being and that of your post-divorce family. Your Collaborative divorce attorneys will then complete the documentation of your agreement and disclosures in the form required by the court and navigate you through the court system.

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